For 16 years, Sarah Glover has made a career as a chef and pastry chef in Tasmania, Sydney and New York but these days you will rarely find her in a kitchen. Instead, the great outdoors is where she now plies her trade.
This fascination with cooking in the wild has long been with Glover, but was reignited when she returned to Tasmania. There, on the sands of a beach and deep in the heart of the island she first called home, she realised that her kitchen didn’t need to be constricted to a metal bench under fluorescent lights, but rather it could – and should – be taken outdoors.
These days, Glover caters events world-wide with her over-the-fire ways, runs a cookie company called Bondi Bikkies, and has just released her first cookbook – unsurprisingly called WILD. Shot at over 17 locations along Australia’s east coast, WILD takes the reader outdoors as Glover shares a new way to see the world around you: as your very own kitchen, a place to surround yourself with family and friends. From Tasmania’s Satellite Island to Byron Bay, Glover shows us how to zoom in and see opportunity in every moment, and to embrace life, food and community. For Glover, this is what it’s all about: those she shares it with: the memories made and the laughs had.