Sarah Glover loves to cook. She loves to cook on the edge of a windswept cliff, in a clearing in a pine forest, on a salty stretch of beach or by a bend of a trickling stream. A forager and a finder of goodness, the wild is where she will gather some wood, strike a match and make the magic happen. Her food – made in the fresh air and using local produce – is intuitive, fresh and uncomplicated. She cooks, always, with a grin, and her food is a joy to eat. 

Sarah is a chef and an adventurer and her food is a reflection of this. There is a dramatic romance to it all. Armed with a knife, she will dive down into the ocean to gather abalones and cook them straight away over a fire on the beach. She’ll throw whole pumpkins in the coals of a campfire and then, when the pumpkins are soft and sweet, she’ll smash them with a spade on a nearby log and scatter them with goats cheese, fresh herbs and olive oil. She smiles and tells you to eat with your hands. She is not constrained by tradition. She works with what she has in front of her, led by what feels good and what tastes great.

Sarah grew up in Tasmania and is the second of eight children and no stranger to the goings-on in the kitchen or the open spaces and rugged beaches of her hometown. She has made a career as a chef and pastry chef in Tasmania, Sydney and New York but it’s the great outdoors that holds her heart. She – for now at least – calls Sydney’s Bondi Beach home. Here, she cooks on the clifftops, surfs the bay, runs her own cookie company, Bondi Bikkies, and caters events with her wild cooking-over-fires ways.