Kinfolk Australia Retreat

As I start to work the dough with my hands till it just forms the perfect consistency to make my salted chocolate chip bikkies, I glance over and see my phone is singing a sweet tune called my ring tone. Luisa is calling me. I quickly try and scrape the dough off my hands and ever so carefully I answer the phone, leaving traces of flour and sugar smeared across the screen. “Hey, girl, whats up?”, I say,“Sarah... firstly its going to be a friggen awesome time”, Luisa begins to tell me about the kinfolk retreat up at the Koskela House in Patonga, NSW. “So are you in?” she finally asks, - “yeah Lu, I’m in...”, I say with far more conviction than I feel. Little to Luisa's knowledge I had no idea what I was going to do for the retreat's catering extravaganza. I just loved the idea of cooking for a group of epic like minded human beings.

The weekend was somewhat misty and rainy ... but perfect for some indoor activities, including ,jam, wreath, and sourdough salt water bread making. I cooked a rang of delightful treats, including my plum and fennel sausage rolls, and orange zest
coconut yogurt.

I met some inspiring, lifelong friends at this weekend. If a kinfolk event is in your area any time soon make sure you book yourself in! You You'll walk away with a wonderful warmth in your soul, a heart full of new friends, and a head full of new tricks.