Kinfolk Dinner - Glenmore House

" Where is it Kat?", Glenmore House, she replied. “That sounds like it's in England” I said..” After driving about two hours south of Sydney and inland a little from the sea, we roll into a scene out of Pride and Prejudice. We are warmly greeted with a glass of Tasmanian Willie Smith Apple Cider, the warmth of freshly cut cheese and sun kissed cherries. The twilight air had a special summer smell in it as God turned the day light down. The moon started to rise over the wind mill that was quaintly sat next to the dam, only to settle peacefully next to the tropical palm tree that stood tall amongst the precisely pruned hedges.

We sat down to one of the most perfectly styled evenings. The massive table was in the middle of a garden in the middle of no mans land! I was seated next to some amazing, creative like- minded geniuses with whom I am still very good friends. The food courses rolled through and we ate and drank until our hearts and our tummies were full of perfect family delights.

It really captured what the heart of Kinfolk events are about that evening. “Since early 2012, Kinfolk has curated an international series of events. In 2013, the Kinfolk team hosted between 12–30 dinners and workshops every month with a shared theme across multiple cities around the world (examples include the Flower Potlucks, Campfire Cooking and Butcher Block Parties). In 2014, we limited the frequency of events so that our our entire community can put more energy into depth, not breadth. We hosted a spring/summer celebration and a fall/winter gathering. Keep an eye on the event page for updates.”

Images By Jonathan Wherrett

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