Life's a beach

I have always know the beauty of a life in the ocean. My favourite Walt Disney movie growing up would have to of been The Little Mermaid. I knew all the words to the songs and with great gusto I sung the lyrics in a tune best know to a 12 year old. 

Ones connection to the ocean is sacred and somewhat selfish. I often think of my love affair with it as likened to the story of the famous ballet Thered shoes.  You have to keep being connected with it; however, if you spend too much time in it, it might destroy you. Some have made a living from only surfing; however, I ask you, is this still for pure pleasure or does it have the pull of an annoying word called “responsibility”?

I thought the only way forward was to collaborate the two:work and pleasure. It's more an excuse to be submerged in the two and not feel guilty if I was spending too much time in one or the other.  Combining my work with My love affair of the ocean has been successful. I know all too well the importance to have balance in life between work and pleasure (in my case the ocean). But I think that's human nature, we need to learn to have discernment ?. You can’t have only fun in life, then it becomes boring, instead life must be a collaboration of the two. Without the grind of working life you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the refreshment of the ocean, and without the ocean you wouldn’t have the buzz of going back to work on cloud nine. Life is a beach, although I think perhaps it depends on one's view of a beached life. Does the ocean give life to your day, or have you forgotten the true meaning of the life we are to live? Here a little, there a little, giving and getting… finding balance in the sweet aroma of the salty sea.