Brooke Fraser turns another leaf

Coconut oil, sweet peproca veggie chips

Coconut oil, sweet peproca veggie chips

The menu included: (all gluten free)

  • Turmeric chicken tacos / sumac chipotle mayo with fresh purple cabbage and radish slaw 
  • Warrigal green (this is a native spinach) and polenta crackers served with a dollop of green chilli tomato jam and Norfolk Island blue cheese
  • Black bean and coriander fritters served with Oaxaca cheese and micro herb flowers.
  • Coconut oil roasted, sweet paprika veggies chips (kale, beetroot, sweet potato, corn)
  •  Crispy kale, spiced organic chorizo and almond salad (served in mini bamboo corn)
  • Gluten free salted choc chip cookie sandwich, with vanilla bean smashed mascarpone and raspberry ice cream.

That Cake : (My brief was as follows ...)
"Let me know if I'm on the right path; she is heathy right? So how about I do this amazing, whole orange and thyme cake that is gluten and sugar free ... I'll make three layers, and between each layer I'll spread clotted vanilla mascarpone icing. . Let's serve it on a rectangle wooden board with some long white candles, gooseberries and eatable flowers; it will be classy and super fresh ... perfect for the big ‘"30'".

Brooke is one of those unforgettable personalities;she's someone that you have to have a second glance at. Not only because she has a stunning glow about her, but she lends herself to be eccentric and very quirky - all of which I totally adore. So when the opportunity to cater her 30th came up I knew that "creatively" we would be a match. My slightly left- of- centre approach to cooking meshed well with her gluten allergy and trusting soul, enabling me to do whatever I dreamed of.

The party was set in the heart of Sydney, not too far from the CBD, on the roof top of the modern art studio. Champagne and sunshine was what the guests were greeted with. As the food was inhaled and the sun set, everyone wandered down off the roof top to the dance floor for cake and ice-cream cookies. I still think about this evening and all the wonders that made it possible.

Brooke Fraser, in my opinion, is an all- round amazing human being, and I wish her all the success in the world... xx


If you haven't yet, check out her new album "Brutel Romantic " Click here and buy it, you won't be disappointed. Below is my favourite from the album.