Nuts for Dough...


There is something so satisfying about making your own dough, seeing it rise, cooking it and rolling it in sugar! I have been on a mission to get you a great recipe that is easy to make and taste like the real deal. This is my version ..



  • 400g strong bread flour
  • 7g dry yeast
  • 120g warm milk
  • 30g sugar
  • 4g salt
  • 1 egg
  • 20g butter
  • canola oil


  • place 300g of flour on the bench,  make a well in the middle, (or in a bowel).
  • add the yeast, milk, sugar, salt, egg and melted butter . With your fingers bring the wet mixture together then incorporate the flour, you will need to add a little water and flour. The dough should be a little sticky to touch, kneed to the gluten is activated, and the dough is smooth, apron 5-10mins. 
  • put into a bowl and cover, allow to rise, apron 40mins. 
  • punch down the dough, roll out the dough, cover again and allow to rise. Cut into shape, i use a circle cutter and then just work a hole in the middle with my hands.
  • Heat the oil in a shallow frying pan, the dough needs to be covered when put into the pan. and the oil should be at approximately 350F. 
  • Place the doughnut into the oil, turn once, after about 1min, they will puff up and go golden in colour. 
  • take out once cooked and place in sugar. allow to cool.


  • 30g butter
  • 200g icing sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • Other things to decorate with, bacon, chocolate, cookies crushed up, 100s and 1000nds


  • In a small pot melt the butter, add the icing sugar to the butter, allow to melt into the butter.
  • take off the heat, add the vanilla and any other colour of flavour you want. 
  • Dip your doughnut into the mixture and off you go.


Sarah’s tips & tricks

  • I love to mix up the flavours etc, make a basic glaze and spread over a few bowls and add other colours and flavours from there.
  • Peppermint and chocolate also work great tougher. 
Sarah Glover