Whole Egg Pasta, Black Sea Salt and Chickweed


I had no idea what ingredients I had to work with when I rocked up to visit Erika & Hayden from Epicurean Harvest.  But I had some hungry mouths to feed and this dish was the perfect fit. The hens had laid some beautiful eggs and the yolks were rich in colour .


  • one packet of whole egg spaghettiI like to use "Barilla"
  • 1 bunch of chickweed
  • 1 bunch carrot top leaves
  • 125g good quality sheep milk cheese
  • 4 free range egg (just the yolk)
  • pepper/ black sea salt
  • olive oil if needed 


  • Cook your pasta until al'dente in a pot of boiling water,  keep a little of the water in the pot, place the pasta back into the pot.
  • Add the egg yolk and mix over low heat until it becomes creamy.
  • Add the grated cheese, chickweed and season.
  • Garnish will a little extra chickweed, cheese, and black sea salt (some olive oil if you like)

Sarah’s tips & tricks 

  • You can serve the pasta with the egg in the middle but it must be hot and mixed in right away.
  • You can also use up your carrot top leaves too. you just want a green leaf that has a nice peppery bite to it.


Sarah Glover