The Great Ocean Road - Girl's Weekend Kombi Roadtrip


Sometimes you just have to pack your bags and head off on the open road to see where the winding coastline will take you; in a lot of ways, that’s exactly what this last year has been all about for me..

When Chrystal Fitz asked me to join her in an adventure that included 3 Kombis and 7 girls, of course I didn’t think twice! I knew that time of year lends itself to being kinda cold, but it also has amazing swell and off-shore winds and, being from Tasmania, I actually thought it might be a tad warmer!

The trip wasn’t just about surfing, but rather an opportunity to drive in some not-so-normal campers. Hiring a Kombi is a great way to see the open roads of Australia – you definitely need a sense of adventure and a can-do attitude because you never know what might come your way driving remotely in old cars. But then that’s kinda the point of them … the smell of petrol and old leather, the wind in your hair even with the windows up, and the ability to take a good photo even when you’re having a bad hair day coz that’s just the romance of the Kombi is a great sales pitch!

We drove for three days up and down the winding coastline of  Victorias Great Ocean Road, parked on the side of the road to sleep, and found food at the local shops to cook up a storm. As a chef, I’m very fussy about food and cooking, but as you know I love an adventure cooking opportunity, and so I have to say the challenge of cooking from the Kombi’s gas stovetop was one I took to with great enthusiasm.

If you’re seeking a fun-filled adventure I would hands-down recommend hiring a Kombi for anyone; it’ll fill your heart – and photo album – with memories that no one can put a dollar value on. So with the Kombi-adventure scene set, stay tuned for more great recipes to cook ‘on the road’ … I’ll have a blog post up soon.

In the meantime, do yourself a favour, get your tribe together and hire a Kombi!! Sarah xoxo


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