Creamy Buckwheat Nettles with Ham Hock

One cold winters day in Tasmania, after surfing in freezing cold water, I made this over an open fire on a deserted beach. Needless to say it was very comforting and a hole filler!


1 white onion cut very finely
A good bunch of stinging nettles, pick the leaves using the gloves (or they will sting)
1 ham hock
500ml vegetable stock
250ml white wine
250g raw buckwheat grouts
salt and pepper to taste



Add some grape seed oil to the a large pot, preferably a heavy based one. heat up the oil slightly add the diced white onion, and nettles.  cook till the nettles pop in colour. this will get rid of the sting.
Place the ham hock in and allow to get a little colour. Add the stock and white wine and a good grind of pepper, 
Cook for a good 2 hours, till the ham falls off the bone, add the buckwheat grouts and cook for a another 30mins. till they go creamy and absorb the liquid. remove the ham bone.  (you may need to add more liquid. 
Serve with some sharp cheese or fried salt bush,  if so desired or a just a beautiful glass of minimal intervention orange wine. 

Serves 4
Duration 3 hours



You can use flat leaf parsley if stinging nettles are not in season.

Recipes by Sarah Glover • Photography by Luisa Brimble

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