Grape & Mint Sauce

Grape & Mint Sauce

If you're not already aware fruit goes fabulously well with pork or any fatty meat. The soft texture
and tartiness of the grapes brings out the sweetness of pork, the twist of mint adds another layer
of texture that I find very enjoyable . 





500g of grapes red is preferable
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
1/3 cup verjuice or good quality vinegar
1 bunch of mint chopped finely


In a heavy base skillet pan heat the grapes over the coals and allow to blister and almost explode with goodness. Add the sugar, water and verjuice allow to cook until the juices of the grapes come out and starts to caramelise. 

Cook for a further 30 minutes while your creamed potatoes are cooking and just before you serve it mix the mint throughout.

This recipe is perfect accompaniment to Salt-baked Ham with Orange & Thyme


Feeds 10 - 12 people. Cooking time: 30 - 40 minutes


In Partnership with Maloneys Grocer

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