Always Take It Outdoors

Sarah’s rule of thumb in creating the atmosphere for your celebration is ‘always take it outdoors’. 


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There are three elements involved here

• Kylie Hinds of Not Heidi, the host, unapologetically, admitted that she’s not a cook ever and anyone who knows her would say the same thing. She is, however, a hostess with impeccable of style and can make our ‘Pinterest’ dream mood board come true.

• Sarah Glover, the chef, unabashedly, loves to cook, have the sixth sense in pairing flavours and can make a ‘forgotten’ vegetable shine.

Maloneys Grocer, the local grocer, this family-run business, unreservedly said yes to our email when we asked them if they would like to partner with us by providing the ingredients for this little gathering. When Sarah & I create content, we do it for love and as you guessed it everything is self-funded. We both always believe that nothing you do is ever a waste. So we took the chance to email the guys at Maloneys Grocer in the hope that they may say yes and they did.

Together these unlikely threesome without having met each other got together for the first time to unapologetically, unabashedly and unreservedly create a little gathering all in the name of content creation. And why the hell not? It’s a good excuse to (a) make our Pinterest dream come true (b) hone in on our cooking and photography skills and (c) everyone wins! And yes this includes you reading this post right now, who may be in search of inspiration for this upcoming festivities.

Sarah’s rule of thumb in creating the atmosphere for your celebration is ‘always take it outdoors’. When you can, cook with fire outdoors (bearing in mind of course because it is bushfire season in Australia always to check if there’s a fire ban). Make food, conversation and company of your loved ones, be the priority of this year’s festivities because it's all that matters. If table styling is your thing, then go nuts as long as it makes you happy and not stressed. 

If you are looking for the complete feast Sarah’s created this menu to inspire you to cook outdoors.

Salt-baked Ham with Orange & Thyme
Grape & Mint Sauce
Creamed Potatoes
Witlof Salad with Walnut Dressing
Sticky Peaches with Sweetened Curd