WILD Adventure Cookbook by Sarah Glover

Embrace the outdoors. This cookbook will have you digging out your thermals and dusting off your Trangia stove.


What to expect?

In creating WILD, I found myself drawing inspiration from my favourite childhood stories of Anne of Green Gables, the Swiss Family Robinson and Indiana Jones. I feel that building a fire and preparing food is somewhat like revisiting the feelings of those childhood memories— playing in the cubby house making a home, that sense of escape and bringing back the romance of old traditions. The recipes in this cookbook are a reflection of that - my love for adventures, the outdoors, creating drama and escape.

There is no better place than Point Plomer, and the sense of grandeur you feel when you drive directly onto the beach and are rewarded with the best view around. And there’s nothing more satisfying than serving breakfast with the slow-cooked bacon you made the night before a feast to match that view. Who even knows why coffee always tastes amazing in front of the fire!


What people say...

“When I suggested is not a norm for a 32-year-old Sydneysider to be so adept at building a campfire and rustling up dinner from the bush, Glover laughs and admits she is perhaps ‘a little bit bad ass’. She recalls her great-grandmother chopping wood for the old-fashioned stove and preparing wallaby for dinner” - Sally Glaetzer, Mercury TasWeekend Magazine

“She makes food about fun – whether it’s her iconic Bondi Bikkies (our favourite, Jaffer Crush - double choc orange with smashed Jaffas!)– or her outdoor adventure cooking that feels like the idyllic family holidays of your childhood.” - Robin Powell, Garden Clinic

“There is a dramatic romance to it all. Armed with a knife, she will dive down into the ocean to gather abalones and cook them straight away over a fire on the beach. Dressed in a vintage formal maxi skirt and a flannel shirt, she’ll throw whole pumpkins in the coals of a campfire and then, when the pumpkins are soft and sweet, she’ll smash them with a spade on a nearby log and scatter them with goats cheese, fresh herbs and olive oil, to be eaten then and there. She is not constrained by tradition. She works with what she has in front of her, guided by what feels good and what tastes great. I am completely entranced by her approach to cooking; the fearlessness and fun and physicality she injects into each meal.” - Annabelle Hickson, Daily Plenty Workshop Cookbook


Cookbook printing details

With full-colour photographs spanning 300+ pages, WILD cookbook is a coffee table cookbook that will feature 80+ recipes  

Book size: 287mm x 212mm (portrait) 
Length: 300+ pages linen hardback including 10mm ribbon
Printed on 140gsm matt paper stock

* Sample images of WILD cookbook design is for Kickstarter purposes only and is subject to change. 


Why did you name the cookbook WILD?

Wild is the one word that we think describes what this book is all about - untamed, native, spontaneous, rough, rugged, raging, raw, crazy, fantastic, incredible, unbelievable, extravagant, curious, eccentric, far-out, funny, kooky, odd, outlandish, quirky, strange, ludicrous, ridiculous, Alice-in-Wonderland, dreamlike, offbeat, extraordinary, singular, unique, unusual, striking, outrageous, out there, unconventional, mystifying, mad, fierce, extreme, crazy, happy, obsessed, ambitious, craving, restless, game, ready, willing, free, natural, lush, and fearless!

Your support means the world to us...

We spent the last 18 months creating recipes, photographing content for the cookbook, editing, testing, and designing. As a result, the WILD cookbook is nearly ready for print production. We need your help to raise funds by pre-ordering your copy of the WILD cookbook. Your pledge will help cover the cost of printing a limited run of 2,000 copies of WILD. Already, WILD contributors have personally invested time and money in the branding, filmmaking, art direction, photography, travel costs, ingredients, recipe testing and recipe development that is necessary for bringing the WILD cookbook to life. There are many wonderful people who have believed in this project from the start, and we cannot thank them enough. This publication is dedicated to the people who generously opened their arms and supported us to make this cookbook happen.


Why Crowdfunding via Kickstarter?

In working with photographer Luisa Brimble on this project, we’ve come to realise that no one would be crazy enough to fund these adventures that we dreamed up for this cookbook. We wanted a true adventure cookbook – which means going on adventures and photographing stories as they happen. We started this journey 18 months ago, traveling on and off. Adventures happened purely because people opened their arms and invited us into their homes, onto their properties or their island. Every adventure featured in the cookbook was self-funded. We feel that the beauty of nature, and the outdoors can only really be translated when you’re actually out there experiencing it. We didn’t want to be limited to photographing and creating the recipes in the confines of a studio or on a tight budget to save time and money. We made do with what we could and whatever way we could afford it.

We set out to create a cookbook that portrayed the honest moments as they happened, as they were created. 100% of the recipes from the cookbook were photographed outdoors, and we feel that by doing this, the extra effort, the extra hard work and the extra love we put into creating the stories, encourages and hopefully inspire others to go outdoors and create your adventures and memories.


How will your pledges be used? 

We understand that $55,000 is a huge chunk of money. The majority of the cost will go towards printing which is going to cost $27,000! The rest of the money will be used to pay for the design, production, distribution, food editor, co-writer, proofreader, indexer, lawyer, Kickstarter's fee and art illustration.


What we are covering

  • All of the photography

  • All the time creating, producing, cooking all the stories in the cookbook

  • All ingredients and recipe testing 

  • All our travel expenses for the past 18 months 

  • All our time spent in recipe development

The WILD team

We are serious about our intent to produce a quality cookbook and that is why we have chosen to work with the people who are amazing at what they do and have experience in publishing. I'm pleased to introduce you to the WILD team who believed in the project right from the get go:

Luisa Brimble
Principal Food & Lifestyle Photographer

Paul McNeil
Illustrator, Cookbook Cover Artwork

Rachel Carter
Food Editor

Annabelle Hickson

Holly McCauley

Katrina O'Brien

Fay Donlevy

Katrina Parker, Ming Nomchong
Hugo Sharp & Annabelle Hickson

For additional photography

LifestyleLuisa Brimble