Chargrilled Cheeses with Endive and Wild Honeycomb


2 endives, quartered lengthways
250 g haloumi, sliced
200 g mozzarella, sliced
2 x 200 g rounds of soft cheese, such as brie or camembert
grilled bread or baguette

Cast-iron chargrill pan

Feeds 5


1: Light your fire 30 minutes before you are ready to cook and let it burn down until you obtain a low heat. 

Place a cast-iron chargrill pan on the fire so it gets nice and hot (you can also use a cast-iron frying pan). Place the endive in the pan and cook for about 5 minutes, letting it get some good char lines. Add the cheeses and cook until golden and starting to melt. Flip the haloumi and mozzarella – don’t turn the soft cheese over as it will fall apart.

2: Once the cheeses are cooked and the endives are charred, break the honeycomb into pieces and arrange on top. Serve with grilled bread.

Drink of choice:

Stoneleigh Wild Valley Sauvignon Blanc.


This story was created and photographed in partnership with Stoneleigh.