Cheesy Capsicum


6 small red capsicums, halved, seeds and membrane removed
any leftover cheese you have in the fridge – you want a few cheeses that melt nicely and some sharp ones for flavour. I used:
200 g mozzarella
100 g blue cheese
200 g gruyere
100 g soft tasty cheese such as edam or queso blanco
10 slices cured meat, such as salami, finely chopped
handful of thyme sprigs

Feeds 6


1: Heat your barbecue for about 15 minutes with the lid down to get it nice and hot. 

Prepare your capsicums and place on a board or plate, ready to fill.

2: Finely chop the cheeses, add the salami and smash them all together. Stuff into the capsicum halves and scatter with thyme sprigs.

3: Cook on the barbecue for 15 minutes or until the capsicums have blackened and blistered and the filling is soft and melted. Season with salt. Enjoy as an appetiser or serve with your meat and salads.