Kate & Will Alstergren
owners of Satellite Island

ALONG with

WILD Adventure Cookbook creator
Sarah Glover


Tourism Tasmania


would like to invite you to join them for a long lunch AT SATELLITE ISLAND 



9 August 2017

PICK UP / drop off TIME & ADDRESS:

11.00 AM - 5:30 pm
Gordon Boat Ramp
The Esplanade, Gordon


For ease, we are organising a special transfer for the participants from the mainland rather than travelling to Bruny Island. Please meet at 11.00am at Gordon Jetty, The Esplanade, Gordon.
You will then be transferred from here direct to Satellite Island.


Please use this schedule as a guide only. It is subject to change.

10:45 am - 11:00 pm - Meet at Gordon Jetty

11:00 am - 11:30 pm - Transfer from Gordon Jetty to Satellite Island

11:30 am - 12:30 pm - Meet and greet. Kate & Will along with Richard the Island Caretaker will take us on a tour/walk around the island.

1:30 pm - 4:30 pm - Long lunch bonfire feast on top of the hill with Sarah Glover.

4:30 pm - 5:00 pm - Bonfire (weather permits)

5:00 pm - 5:30 pm - Meet at Boathouse for transfer back to Gordon Jetty




In the heart of the magnificent D'Entrecasteaux Channel, in the south of Tasmania, lies a small island of immense beauty. Sheer sea cliffs fall away to pristine water and wild shellfish can be found in the ancient rock shelf that circles the Island. A pair of rare white breasted sea eagles who live on the Island can be seen soaring high above the huge blue gums, whilst quail
and native wildlife forage below. Satellite Island is truly a unique destination.

Satellite Island has never before been accessible to the public. It remains utterly unspoilt. With 360° views of this southern hemisphere wilderness—a mix of beautiful native bush, ancient blue gums, sheer sea cliffs, pebble beaches and sunny coves—Satellite Island is a secluded secret hideaway, yours alone to explore.

Sarah Glover

For 16 years, Sarah Glover has made a career as a chef and pastry chef in Tasmania, Sydney and New York but these days you will rarely find her in a kitchen. Instead, the great outdoors is where she now plies her trade.
This fascination with cooking in the wild has long been with Glover, but was reignited when she returned to Tasmania. There, on the sands of a beach and deep in the heart of the island she first called home, she realised that her kitchen didn’t need to be constricted to a metal bench under fluorescent lights, but rather it could – and should – be taken outdoors.
These days, Glover caters events world-wide with her over-the-fire ways, runs a cookie company called Bondi Bikkies, and has just released her first cookbook – unsurprisingly called WILD. Shot at over 17 locations along Australia’s east coast, WILD takes the reader outdoors as Glover shares a new way to see the world around you: as your very own kitchen, a place to surround yourself with family and friends. From Tasmania’s Satellite Island to Byron Bay, Glover shows us how to zoom in and see opportunity in every moment, and to embrace life, food and community. For Glover, this is what it’s all about: those she shares it with: the memories made and the laughs had. 




Tourism Tasmania is the Tasmanian Government’s tourism marketing agency. Their role is to create demand for travel to Tasmania by connecting people culturally and emotionally to the state through domestic and international marketing programs that activate the Tasmanian tourism brand.


Wild Cookbook_Promo Photo 2.jpg


Chef Sarah Glover and photographer Luisa Brimble are taking what you know about cookbooks – and throwing it to the curb. Their collaborative book WILD, which straddles adventure handbook and culinary choose-your-own-adventure, awakens the pure primal joy to be found in food and eating.  

Shot over 2 years in no less than 17 locations across the east coast of Australia, this book pushes boundaries in all directions. Forget about the more clichéd notions of ‘foraging’ as this book takes it to the next level. This book is about breaking rules and challenging conventions. WILD will make you think about freshness of food in a whole new way, and about becoming more instinctive about flavour, ingredients and food preparation.  

A qualified chef, Glover is a self-described finder of goodness and her favourite kitchen is the landscape. Armed with her knife and a few basic tools of the trade – Sarah’s approach to food has refreshing ‘rogue’ element, as she deconstructs measurement and method to create something more authentic and uncomplicated.  

Stunningly captured by WILD co-creator and lifestyle photographer Luisa Brimble, this book is photographed ‘documentary style’ – out in the wild, completely free of studio and conventional kitchen. Brimble is there every step of the way, capturing the moment: the ingredients, the processes, the locations, the people, the drama and the absolute magic that occurs when these elements all come together.  

While WILD is certainly a cookbook brimming with original recipes – it is also a book to be read and enjoyed. It is a book of adventure, where you feel included in the party.  There is something so romantic about the notion of pulling up stumps, striking a match, and preparing a meal to be shared with friends out in the wild, somewhere beautiful – whether that is bush, beach or mountains. WILD conjures the nostalgic feels of Anne of Green Gables, the Swiss Family Robinson and Indiana Jones and injects it into the current day with a very genuine spirit of adventure and escape.  

Moreover, what underpins every motive in this book is that of community and family. This book exists for the business of memory making – the idea of stepping away from the TV and living by doing not viewing. This is about going outside - for real - getting dirty and having fun with the people you love.